LL Tecnologie Arena Drag

The most revolutionary arena drag for the best price. 
Top quality made in Italy. 

Available in different width, extra options and colors.

The ultimate product in arena maintenance 

Tips for the perfect arena

To create the perfect arena for you western discipline our amazing drag is the finishing touch and the perfect equipment for your arena  maintenance.

  • Choose the right type of footing on advice of a arena footing professional..
  • The sprinklers on the LL Tecnologie Arena Drag will create the perfect moisture balance to the arena footing while dragging.
  • Take your time for dragging, correct dragging includes both clockwise and counterclockwise dragging. 
  • Lift the drag all the way up when entering and leaving the arena and be aware of foundations.

Most important of all... on base of usage, drag your arena on a regular base with the LL Tecnologie Arena Drag.

Your precious equine athlete

No matter your equestrian discipline, level or type of horse, good health management is very important to our precious equine athletes. Incorrect trainings management can bring your horse in danger.
Also bad arena footing can create serious injuries.
Most common injuries created by bad arena footing are: 

  • Tendon injuries
  • Hoof & Hock problems
  • Problems with the musculair system 
  • Joint problems
  • Spinal injuries incl. S I joint.

Maintenance of your arena is of great importance to equine athletes management.

American Quarter horse

Many of the horses used for western disciplines are American Quarter Horses, Paints, Criollo and others.
Depending on western disciplines and breeding, horses are different in type.
The confirmation standards and anatomical structure and the athletic abbilities of the American Quarter Horse is different than that of any other breed. Performance for equine athletes in western discipline therefore requires different type of footing then used for English riding disciplines. 

American Quarter Horse


American Quarter Horse 

American Quarter Horse

When you are on a great horse 
You have the best seat you will ever have