LL Tecnologie Arena Drag 3mtr Advanced

The most revolutionary arena drag for the best price. 
Top quality made in Italy. 

LL Tecnologie Arena Drag 3mtr. Advanced

Different sizes are optional & available in colors Blue, Green & Black.

  • Harded steel pins
  • Hydrolic pins
  • Large sprincklers in the front 
  • Hydrolic lift
  • Hydroloc dirt blade with side wings
  • Sillicone service free barrings
  • 1500ltr heavy duty watertank
  • Heavy duty piping 
  • Extra heavy duty double frame
  • Heavy duty waterpump
  • Extra wide and large wheels
  • Harded steel superior adjustable knive blade 
  • Rear liftable rack 
  • 1 connection to tractor
  • Perfectly balanced
  • Width 3mtr.


  • Rear sprinckler
  • Full automatic divider for laser connection
  • Special ordering 2.5mtr width

Tractor needs

  • 1 PTO for water pump
  • 6 Hydrolic connection, 3 in, 3 out


6 Hydrolic (3 in, 3 out) connection

Heavy duty piping

Harded steel pins

Steelpins are easy to remove 

Hydroloc dirt blade with side wings

Optional connections

Flexible hose

1500ltr heavy duty watertank

Extra wide and large wheels

Different extra options available

LL Tecnologie Arena Drag

The choice of champions 

Official partner of Italian Reining Horse Association